I'll be Home for April

I'll be Home for April

Finding Comfort at Home

Well, spring is here and we are all headed into nearly a month of quarantine. And quarantine is exhausting. It is exhausting to feel so many emotions throughout each day. This constant emotional roller coaster we are on can take a toll and lead to thoughts such as "am I enough?"   

We are here to tell you that you are. And we support you all 1000%. 

From dealing with Covid-19 sadness to job loss to fear of the future to grieving milestones that have been cancelled to spending 24 hours a day with your family to having sleep issues, these are certainly unprecedented times that leave us feeling unbalanced and anxious. We know that so many people are suffering so much right now and we may feel helpless. But perhaps if we band together and provide each other ideas and ways we can help ourselves and our various communities it can help us to feel better. 

Our tips, tricks and ideas will come in a series of three emails. This week, we will focus on the place we are spending almost all of our time these days: our home.


Here are some helpful tips and ideas to help you keep the peace within your home and make it a pleasant and calming place to be.


  1. Wake up your senses and make your house smell like Spring with homemade potpourri. If you have any leftover, place it in a ziplock and drop some on your neighbor’s porch with a sweet note including directions of how to use it. You can find some spring potpourri recipes here.
  2. Make some comfort food. A favorite kid-friendly recipe of ours right now is the homemade biscuit recipe from “Fanny at Chez Panisse” by Alice Waters. You can find the recipe here.
  3. Play board games. Lately our favorite one is Rummikub. Not only is it fun but it makes you use your brain and strategize. You can find this game here.
  4. Take a doodle break from work and homeschooling with Mo Willems. Do it on your own or with the whole family.
  5. Read those books you have been wanting to read and maybe start a family book club. Some ideas to get started are here.
  6. Clean out your closets and drawers and fill bags with clothing, coats and shoes that you can donate in the future. 


    And finally, look out for yourselves, your families, and your communities. You are not alone in this.

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