It's Mid -April??

It's Mid -April??
It is hard to believe that we are over halfway through April and nobody truly knows what will happen next. One thing is for sure though… we are all getting a little bit stir crazy. I find myself asking the same question all of the time: What more can I be doing during this unique and extremely stressful time?
Honestly, we can always be doing more. More cleaning, more working, more organizing, more home schooling, more parenting, more cooking. The list just goes on and on…. But sometimes it is just fine to sit down for awhile and do absolutely nothing. After all, we are in our houses constantly now and there has to be a meaningful way to break up our days. Taking a well-deserved break without worry or concern should definitely be included in our daily routine. We are all doing the best we can each day knowing that there will be moments when our frustration and sadness can throw us off course.
Even though it seems like there is not a whole lot of great news right now, you can always find amazing people in the world doing good things for others. We have compiled a list of ideas to assist those amazing people in their efforts and put some light into the world, with maybe some wine and shopping ideas thrown in for good measure.

Support the Animals

Nothing brings smiles more than cute animals! Visit zoos all over the country and support them in their efforts to care for their animals while closed to the public here.

Support the USPS

What better time to write letters to your friends and loved ones while also supporting the US Postal Service? Click here to help.

Support Your Fave Vineyard

Let’s just admit it. We are all drinking more wine lately. Why not drink our wine while also supporting non-profits fighting COVID-19? Click here to help.

Support Your Fave Retailers

Shopping for a cause is always a good thing. Here are some brands that are giving back during the pandemic.

Support Your Dinner Table

Ever wonder how IKEA makes their famous Swedish Meatballs? Well wonder no more. This kid friendly favorite can be found here.

Support Anyone You Can

Looking for ways to help in the battle against COVID-19 but are feeling overwhelmed? This article will help you get started.

We hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay healthy and safe.

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