Sending Love, Well-Wishes, and a Few Ideas

Sending Love, Well-Wishes, and a Few Ideas


Adjusting to the New Normal

My word.  The world has changed so much, and so quickly, since we last sent an email.  We have been struggling with how to balance the severity of what has been happening with our desire to stay in touch with our B&G community, so that we can properly convey just how grateful we are for all of you and that we truly hope you are staying healthy and well. 

We know that so many of you are just like us…trying to juggle households, jobs, and families in these uncertain and stressful days.  We are experiencing a range of challenges in both of our worlds.  Jen has a college student who is reluctantly home taking online classes, a high school senior who is wondering if prom or gradation will happen, and a husband trying to keep a restaurant afloat.  Erin is navigating a self-quarantined husband working from home and two school-age daughters who will need to be homeschooled for the foreseeable future.  Fortunately, we are healthy, and for that we are incredibly grateful. 

As we all adjust to this new ever-changing normal, we would like to share with you some tips, tricks, and ideas to help get us through the upcoming weeks. Goodness knows that none of us in our lifetimes have faced the challenge of remaining at home for weeks on end. We hope our list can bring some joy, provide a little bit of relief from your worries, and maybe spark some inner creativity that has not been tapped in a while.  


Spread the Love (But not the Germs!)

Social distancing is hard, but we still have so many opportunities to stay connected.

  • Connect Virtually - We are so fortunate to have the technology to interact from afar! Jen’s college soccer team recently had a virtual happy hour, and it was a welcome interlude of good memories and laughter  One good option here.
  • Send elderly people in your life homemade letters....especially those separated from loved ones in care giving homes.
  • Make and send playlists for the people you love.
  • Write REAL letters to people you haven't seen in a while. 

Expand Your Horizons…from Home

There are so many amazing opportunities to engage in different cultural events or experiences from the comfort of your couch.  And so many organizations are offering these events for free during this crisis!   A few of our favorites:

  • Experience the theater with these broadway shows. 
  • Enjoy the opera.
  • Take an online museum tour here or here
  • Watch an online concert…check out this list from NPR. 
  • Our personal favorite, enjoy the music of SXSW.
  • If you can access the ingredients, make food from around the world with your family.

    Stay Active, Mentally and Physically

    It's so easy to get lost in our worries and anxiety.  A few ideas to help:

    • Support your local workout studios by taking their classes online (Jen is partial to The Lagree Studio).
    • Stretch.
    • Meditate...we both struggle with minds that are a few options to help.
    • According to California, a state already practicing "Shelter in place," as long as you are maintaining a safe social distance of six feet from people who aren’t part of your household, it is ok to go outside for exercise. 
    • Make those photo albums you've been wanting to create!  Get a scanning app for your phone to upload old prints, then check out these options.  
    • Consider taking an online class!  We both signed up for the popular "Science of Well-Being" class offered by Yale.
    • If you are able to access gardening supplies, consider planting a bee-friendly garden.

    Support Your Local Businesses

    So many small businesses are already feeling a major impact from this pandemic.  Consider shopping online, purchasing gift cards, ordering food, or even just leaving good online reviews.  A few other ideas:

    • Tip a little more than usual if you are able.
    • Subscribe to a new magazine or newspaper and support our journalists.
    • Support your local first responders through food delivery, positive encouragement or in any other way that you can come up with to help them. 
    • Help those with food insecurity.

      We wish you and yours much health, love, and patience in these trying times.



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