What's So Special About Bess & George?

What's So Special About Bess & George?



Erin was a trooper to wear the “ugly shirt” for our comparison photos (although, truth be told, Jen is four years older and feels that warrants the better shirt…she needs more help).  So what specific elements differentiate Bess & George tops from others in the market? 

  1. We use luscious, comfortable fabrics you can wear to the office, the game, or the couch and feel amazing the entire time.  The high quality material makes Bess & George tops incredibly versatile.
  2. A v-neckline is universally flattering…it gives a vertical impression to your outfit, and the effect creates a longer, leaner, silhouette.  We’ve added drape at the neckline to elevate the style.
  3. In contrast to the many “boxy” tops in the market, our designs subtly draw in at the waist.  This, combined with the longer length, helps create a flattering hourglass shape.
  4. Our tops hit your “curves and spots” the right way…they cling where they need to and drape where they don’t.  The draping around the body conceals your midsection, making it an ideal option both before AND after vacation.
  5. We’ve added length to our tops to help create that “long and lean” effect.  And, to make sure we are concealing our stomachs.  We couldn’t be prouder of our stretch marks, but that doesn’t mean we want them on display.
  6. Finally, our signature band at the bottom helps keep the top in place and helps you avoid overexposure when reaching that high shelf or cheering for a home run.

Basically, “designed to fit and flatter” means we develop our clothing to highlight the areas you want to focus on and conceal those you don't.  Our designs elongate your body, create a flattering silhouette, and, most importantly, help you feel stylish and confident as you go about your busy day, whatever the day may bring!

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