Staying Home in Austin

Staying Home in Austin

There is so much to be thankful for, there is no doubt about that. But wow. We miss you guys! We miss laughing with people in crowded spaces, we miss seeing people’s smiles while we are out, we miss giving big bear hugs and shaking new friend’s hands without a thought. We understand that this time of separation will eventually make us stronger, but understanding that and knowing it in our hearts does not necessarily make it any easier. 

Jen and I, like all of you, are just trying to do our best each day with our families, our business and our home life, while living with the anxiety of not knowing when this period will end. My youngest asked me today if it was possible that we could be quarantined for the rest of our lives and I honestly had a moment of, “I truly do not know.” The unknowns right now are just that. Unknown. Each day, all we can do is get out of bed and do the best we can with what we have, and maybe put a little joy out into the world if we are able. 

This week, we will focus on the community we live in, which is Austin. Some of these local ideas can be enjoyed anywhere in the country, and we are also hoping that some of these helpful tips and ideas can apply in your community as well.

Local Artists

Let your inner artist out while supporting local artists with an online painting class hosted by the Cathedral. Austin people can have the materials delivered or pick them up, otherwise you can purchase them yourself. Check out the online workshops here.

Local Studios

Bring some nature into your home by creating your own floral centerpiece with an online flower arranging class hosted by the Flower Social. If you are feeling particularly peppy, you can take the Flower Happy Hour Class. Austin people can pick up the materials or have them delivered, otherwise they will send you a list of items needed for class. Check out the workshop options here.

Local Markets

Pretend you are somewhere other than your house by attending an online cheese tasting with Antonelli's Cheese Shop. There are so many fun classes to choose from, including a virtual cheese date night! Start your cheese tasting adventures here.

Local Restaurants

Support your favorite venues and restaurants by ordering meal kits, cocktail kits and desserts. We have links to your new favorite tacos and gluten free pizza here and here.

Local Museums

Relax while visiting your local museum collections and libraries online. Links to the Blanton Museum of Art and the Austin Public Library can be found here and here.

Local Non-Profits

Spread some joy and give to non-profits in your community that are helping people in need. Some ideas for Austin can be found here.

Local Healthcare Workers

Sponsor a meal for hospital staff, first responders, and other frontline heroes. Smokey Mo's BBQ is one of several local options (we picked this one for Jen's husband)...go to and click on Mo'Nation Donation.

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