The Best Fashion Tips For Women Over 40

The Best Fashion Tips For Women Over 40

I love helping my clients achieve their signature style. For my clients who are 40 and over, this is the time in their life when they can look fabulous and more stylish than ever if done right. But, the balance is not easy...they don’t want to look like their teenage daughters OR appear older than they are! With a few guidelines, all women over 40 can look up-to-date, relevant and feel fantastic.


First things first...get fitted for the correct bras and undergarments.


Demand The Perfect Fit

Wear what looks and feels great, but be aware of what to accentuate - and what not to!

Seek out pieces that fit beautifully, and when in doubt, splurge on a great tailor. Clothes always look best when they fit you perfectly.



While one of the great things about getting older is gaining the confidence not to follow fashion trends slavishly, taking an element from the seasonal trends and adding it to your everyday outfits is the perfect way to elevate your closet! Choose pieces that are age appropriate and that look good on you. One of the easiest ways to incorporate trends into your day-to-day looks can be with accessories...more on this below.



Steer clear of “fast fashion” cheap fabrics and clingy fits. Invest in higher quality, versatile pieces.



It is not so much about the style of the denim as it is the quality of the jeans. Denim that is higher quality will keep its shape and not loosen with wear. Darker denim is so flattering and is great to hide areas that you may want to camouflage. You can still do a few rips or tears, but keep them to a minimum. Frayed bottoms are a cool way to wear a denim trend.  Flared and bootcut jeans make everyone’s legs look amazing!



Skirts, dresses and more micro minis or daisy dukes! But, that being said, you can still wear cute shorts if you love them - just make sure you wear the appropriate inseam. Skirts and dresses can be maxi, midi, a few inches above the knee or even shorter. If you have the figure for a shorter skirt, keep your top loose and the rest of your outfit less revealing to balance things out.



I LOVE accessories! Shoes, jewelry, scarves, bags, belts...your wardrobe should include classic pieces as well as seasonal trends. Adding on-trend accessories to a great basic outfit is the easiest way to update your look and kick up your style.


Tips to flatter every figure over 40

Add pieces with ruching, wrap tops and dresses, longer length tops, drape necks. Finish it off with beautiful belts, statement earrings and on-trend shoes!


Just like you, your style will continue to evolve, so have fun with it and continue to be your beautiful, stylish self!


Sheri Terrell, Personal Stylist

Personal Styling and Shopping, Wardrobe Edits, Seasonal Updates

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