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When Jen (a management consultant) and Erin (an attorney) first met, they felt an instant camaraderie. Both had families and careers, but they felt like something was missing — that this phase of life, although busy and exciting, was also really isolating. Working, managing households, and driving carpool left them little time for their supportive community of women friends.


Jen and Erin’s own experiences eventually spawned the idea to build a community for women feeling similar angst about this new life stage. They often joked about having nothing to wear, avoiding stores their daughters frequent, and acquiring the rare “decent shirt” in multiple colors. These struggles led them to the idea that perhaps THIS was the community: other women who felt trapped by shopping options designed for women younger or older, whose once-reliable brands now offered cheaply made, fast-fashion clothes that required too much trying on and tailoring.


With further research (and lots of support from their team of family and friends), Jen and Erin solidified their mission and jumped into the adventure of improving the closets of women like themselves. They combined their business experience, their passion for fit and style, and their tenacity and founded Bess & George. Today, Jen handles the strategic direction and Erin supervises the community engagement. They work together on product development, inspired by the growing community of women they love. And they still both do a lot of driving.


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