How Do I Care for My New Clothes?


Each of our garments include a care instruction tag that we recommend following, typically wash on cold and lay flat to dry. This will keep the stretchy fibers and shape of the garment intact!  We have found that if you take your garment out of the washer as soon as it's finished and lay it flat, it will dry with almost no wrinkles at all...easy!!


A few details worth noting:

The fabric care instructions are direct from the fabric manufacturer.  We have tested everything in the washing machine (typically on delicate or hand wash, and not with our teenagers' sweaty sports gear), and have not seen any problems.  We have also (both inadvertently and on purpose) thrown the jersey garments in the dryer...we have not experienced shrinkage, but it does seem to dull the slight sheen of the fabric.  Your call, but we do recommend following the care tag instructions for best results.

After washing any of our bamboo/spandex jersey garments, you will think you are holding a damp sweatshirt - much heavier than you would expect given the lightness of the garments.  Don't panic (like one of us did when we discovered this)!  You did not ruin it...just lay it flat and it will regroup from the ordeal of being washed and be back to normal once it's dry.  Fabric magic!

Do not, we repeat DO NOT, throw the rayon garments in the dryer...they will shrink for certain.

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