Each of our garments includes a care instruction tag that we recommend following, typically wash on cold and lay flat to dry. This will keep the fibers, shape, and color of the garment intact.

Each product has a "Size Chart" link at the bottom of the product description that provides measurement detail. Please see "A Word About Sizing" for additional information.

In the USA!  In fact, most of our clothes are manufactured right here in Austin, Texas.  We are thrilled to support the talented artisans in our local community.

The short answer is, because we are small.  Basically, many fabric manufacturers have minimums that are out of our reach (thousands of yards), but on occasion we can buy the last couple hundred yards of certain fabrics, or add our small order onto an order that is meeting the minimum.  When that happens, we are limited to the supply we've got.  We will try and give advance notice on social media and the website when this is the case so you don't miss out on something you love.

Not at this time.  We have been so lucky to find several fabulous women-owned brands to feature...we love supporting other women!

Your order will ship out no later than 2 to 3 days from your purchase date (depending on item availability).  If there is an issue and that needs to change, we will contact you.  Please see "Shipping and Returns" for more detail.

Currently, we ship via USPS priority mail and charge a flat $7 rate for domestic orders under $100.  Please see "Shipping and Returns" for additional information.

We appreciate you shopping with Bess & George and hope you love what you bought!

However, if that is not the case, please see "Shipping and Returns" for information on how to return your item(s).

Bess and George are Nancy Drew's best friends.  When we first started talking about business ideas, we really wanted to figure out a way to help women connect and find a community...other women that could relate to the ups and downs that come with getting older.  That idea evolved into our clothing company, but we still strive to create a sense of friendship and community as we all navigate this somewhat chaotic life phase together.

It's a shot from our first textile show!  When we initially started, we figured we'd go to NYC and attend a textile show...along with the folks from Gap, Ann Taylor, and other huge retailers.  Needless to say, we found ourselves in way over our heads.  But, it was also the start of this crazy adventure, and we keep this photo to remind ourselves where we are headed...especially on those days we still feel in WAY over our heads.

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